Odd Couple: Tell Me I’m The Only One (Kanye West x Sam Smith) Carlos Serrano Remix

Check out this awesome article that includes one of my mashups and several other amazing mashups!

Orpheus Speaks

Leave it to Yeezy to inject some much needed life into Sam Smith. Mash-up master Carlos Serrano (who’s already made bedfellows of artists as disparate as Banks and 2Pac) has set the internet abuzz with his remix of Smith’s betrayed lover’s lament I’m Not The Only One, fusing Kanye West’s self-loathing vocal from Can’t Tell Me Nothing with a tear-triggering piano instrumental. Dropping in a week when we’ve already seen Pusha T tear up a thrilling Kanye beat on Lunch Money, it’s almost enough to keep hungry fans satiated until his promised new album drops. Head over to Soundcloud to grab your free download now.

Follow Carlos Serrano on Twitter @serrranocarlos.

If that’s sparked a sudden thirst to hear two popular tracks forced to co-exist, check out these other mashups that exceed expectations: 

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